About the A1R Studio

honest and manual work, design and the best materials

A1r Studio

How It All Began

We start with the idea, that every piece of furniture we offer was in its time ordinary, more or less luxurious element of an interior of the period city apartments or villas. However, the honesty of artistic design, artisans’ work and the use of materials can hardly be compared with today. The age, quality and ageless design make the individual pieces original, deserving new life and a chance to fulfil its function. It means creating an unprecedented atmosphere of entrance halls, living rooms, dining rooms or offices.


Our Story


It is similar to the story of many of you. We wanted to furnish an interior with good taste and in style. We started to look for furniture, which is timeless, comfortable and aesthetically unique.

Step by step we focused on furniture from the turn of the 19 and 20  century and the period of the First Republic. However, furniture so old is practically unfit for normal use due to the material fatigue. That is why we started to seek technologies and work processes, fabrics and especially the furniture itself.

We were completely absorbed by searching in archives, selecting proper materials or the communication with the restorers. The result is the selection of the best fabrics, perfect  manual work of professionals and especiallythe appreciation of beautiful furniture.

Once you are enchanted by the First Republic furniture, it is hard not to purchase the beautiful furniture. We had to learn all this and so we pick only the most interesting pieces for you.

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we renovate manually and maintain the history of the product using the best materials

Each piece of furniture has its own history, sometimes very complex and dramatic, sometimes peaceful. But never ordinary. In the time of creation it was distinctive and quality furniture. The owners knew it. We move its story further, sometimes just by pushing it along, sometimes breathing new life into it. It is only up to you, how the story continues.