Restoration of period furniture

Manual work, traditional processes and the best materials.

Pro restoration process

manually, thoroughly and with the best materials

Today, each piece is already an original and that is how we see it. Two professions are combined in this activity, artisticjoinery and upholstery. From the perspective of joinery we strive to preserve all wooden parts, which undergo petrification and re-finishing. From the upholstery perspective the process is more complicated, because the life of the upholstery fabrics and cushioning material is already expired. Frequently the upholstery of the furniture was changed several times during the life of the furniture, so it is hard to tell, what it looked like in the beginning. If at all possible, we adhere to the restoration ethics and select materials and fabrics, which reflect the periodand original condition as much as possible.

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we renovate manually and maintain the history of the product using the best materials

Each piece of furniture has its own history, sometimes very complex and dramatic, sometimes peaceful. But never ordinary. In the time of creation it was distinctive and quality furniture. The owners knew it. We move its story further, sometimes just by pushing it along, sometimes breathing new life into it. It is only up to you, how the story continues.